​Left, Electrical & Plumbing Pipe and supplies.

​​Business Page...

Photo at left, Madeira Chamber of Commerce President Steve Shaw shown presenting the "Member of Year Award" to Brian Huwel of the Huwel Insurance Group. Brian has been very involved in the Chamber and Community for many years and continues to be an avid supporter of the Chamber "Breakfast & Learn program".

Left,             no shortage of inventory

​​​​​Depot Barbecue

7701 Railroad Avenue

Andy & Kristi Benson

​Resident Owners / 6 Employees​​​

​​Two years in Business

​September 17, 2017​

​   Contributions To Our Community

​                                                                         Andy "Barbecue Man" Benson


    ​"We wanted to offer a fun place in our neighborhood to relax and enjoy great food and drink. We've designed a restaurant that is family friendly (we have coloring and activity books, and a model train circling the ceiling for the young visitors) but also provide food, beer and wine, satisfying our adult patrons. ​​​​​We have 30 plus craft and domestic beers, and specialty wines, pairing well with our food menu. We serve SmoQ smoked meats, vegetarian dishes, like chipotle black bean burgers, soups, salads, and green beans, some grown in Madeira".

​   "We draw customers from across Greater Cincinnati, promoting Madeira, as we promote our business. We have participated actively in fundraising efforts for many local non-profits, and charities, helping to raise thousands of dollars, for our schools and non-profits. Many residents are in walking distance, to dine at the Depot, enjoying live music, Saturday nights, on the Patio".


​  How Does the Community Contribute to Our Business?

​   ​"First and foremost, we appreciate the support of residents as customers and as repeat customers. Other Madeira businesses, their employees, organizations, and their members, have become regular customers. Catering, delivery, and carry out are areas of growth at the Depot. We enjoy partnering with the Madeira Schools Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce, including sponsorships, programming of events, or co-branding of various food offerings. Last, residents and customers have recommended the Depot to friends, and offered helpful feedback on various social media platforms, helping our business and creating Madeira as a destination". Pease mention this story on your next visit to the Depot.  www.depotbarbecue.com or Call 513-271-1234.

 Thank You,

​Andy & Kristi

​    NEWS FLASH, October 6, 2017

                                                                                     Local businessmen at the Depot

​    Andy "Barbecue Man" Benson has just acquired a new larger "Lang Smoker" and is smoking 100% of his meat products. The new smoker arrived from Georgia just in time for the beginning of the Depots 3rd year in business. Stop by and see "Barbecue Man's" new smoker.​​

Suburban Glass, A Family Business

February 5, 2017

​     Suburban Glass is an institution in our community. The

​business was founded​ in 1971, forty years ago. Suburban

​Glass is owned and operated by third generation family

​members. I remember having a window repaired soon after

​becoming a resident of Madeira when the business was still located on Miami Avenue, in downtown Madeira. Since that time the business has grown, purchased their own building and relocated to 8143 Camargo Road. I know for a fact that Suburban Glass has contributed to every cause in our community including our Schools, the City, and the Madeira Historical Society just to mention a few. The community has supported Suburban Glass in return, contributing to their success.

​   Suburban Glass repairs screens, windows, and can make glass table tops, mirrors, shower enclosures and more. Visit their Web Site www.suburbanglassshop.com for details or call 513-561-2000. Let them know that you were recommended from madeiramessenger.com. Thanks.

​Karl Mattes Company

February 5,2017

​    Another Madeira institution, this fine Madeira business is owned and

​operated by a third generation family member. A small business doing

​big things while always contributing to the community. This company has been in business since 1926, 88 years, specializing in the repair, replacement and cleaning of fireplaces. In addition to expert repair and installation of fireplaces, the company is also known for expert roofing and gutter repairs and installation throughout Greater Cincinnati.

​   Call Karl at 513-561-5967 or stop by the shop at 7919 Euclid Road. For more details describing their products and services go to www.karlmattesco@fuse.net. Let Karl know that you read about his company at madeiramessenger.com. Thank You.

Brockhage Landscape Company, ​established 1962

February 7, 2017  

​     ​  Bob Brockhage is the owner operator of his company, third generation, but not the last generation of the family owned business. Bob's son's are now also working in the Brockhage Landscaping business. Bobs sister helps with the bookkeeping. Bob and his siblings all grew up in madeira and attended Madeira Schools. Bobs father Bernie grew up in Madeira was a stand out student and became a fixture in our community. Bobs mother still resides in Madeira, on Laurel Avenue, in the same house that Bob grew up in. No Madeira family owned business has more Madeira roots than the Brockhage family and their landscaping business. It is no secret that Bob gives back to our community and always has.

​    Services available from the Brockhage family include tree planting, pruning and removal, garden planning and maintenance, yard cleanup, landscaping design and any landscaping needs. Call Bob for more detail at 513-878-1349, check out their Web Site www.brockhagelandscape.com, let bob know that you were referred from madeiramessenger.com. Thank you.

​Ferrari's Little Italy & Bakery.....

​March 3, 2017

​  ​  Family owned and operated for over twelve years, the Bassano family welcomes you as their guest. Ferrari's is located in the heart of our community on Goff Terrace, across from the Kroger Madeira store. The restaurant is best known for fantastic, family style authentic, northern and southern cuisine. Ferrari's has indoor and outdoor dining, and a full service bar. This is one of our top eateries, stop by for lunch or dinner, with your family, friends, or a group. This restaurant gives back to the community, including our schools, our city and the many non profits in our community. When you visit Ferrari's ask for Patty, and let her know that you were referred by the madeiramessenger. You can call Ferrari's at 513-272-2220 or visit their website www.ferrarilittleitaly.com. Note that the patio is under reconstruction but should be ready when the weather warms up. 5/22/17 The new patio is now open.      ​​

Top Photo, Madeira Chamber Award.

​Bottom Photo, Bruegger's GM Maurice "Mo" Marshall.

Top Right Photo, 2018 Indian Hill Girls Soccer Team.

McCabe Do it Center beginning year eight in Madeira...

April 2, 2019

   On May 12, 2019, McCabe Do it Center will begin their 8th year in Madeira, making Madeira a very lucky community. Before McCabe there was the Meyer Hardware and Lumber Company. The Meyer Hardware and Lumber Company was a staple in Madeira but closed just shy of 100 years in business. At the end the Meyer Hardware company barely had any inventory left on the shelves and had been abandoned by the owners, just shy by a month of 100 years in business. This writer and others were encouraging the owners of McCabe to take over the soon to be vacant space, assuring McCabe owners that they would be welcome in Madeira. Seven years ago McCabe made the commitment, and opened their 3rd Do it Center. The inventory is incredible and the help couldn't be better. Let the employees know how much they are appreciated.


   I hope that McCabe will always be your first stop for everything from paint, plumbing, tools, and power equipment, for both working outside and for work in the house. McCabe sells new Stihl products and will service every tool sold. McCabe has a good inventory of electrical supplies and assistance when needed. 

Photos, top right to bottom, management team Karen and Tom, Cahier, Cathy and Stihl Products manager, Andy, paint department, Stihl tool display, 

Left,          Tools, Tools and more Tools.

Gerber Collision & Glass....

April 13, 2019​​

    Gerber Collision & Glass located at 8003 Euclid is celebrating three years in our community but the business is no stranger to Madeira. Although Gerber is a Canadian Company, part of the Boyd Group, including more than 400 locations the company is family oriented at store level, including our Euclid location. In fact when visiting Gerber I noticed many familiar faces, and was told that all former employees of "Madeira Frame and Body" are still employed at the Madeira Gerber Store, including Andrew Tighe, (in photo at left) Gerber General Manager. Andrew has a good story, that I was already somewhat aware of, here's the story.

   Andrews Grandfather Greg Theobald, has been involved with automobiles his entire life. Greg has been a car salesman, has owned and run gas stations ( when an attendant came out and pumped the gas and cleaned your windshield), eventually acquiring Ruwe Towing Company. After Greg acquired the Towing Company he and his wife Nancy resided in a house that was located on the Ruwe property. The purchase of Ruwe Towing provided employment for the two Theobald sons Steve and Mark, while in college. Greg worked the business and Nancy took care of the books.

   At some point Greg added Grooms Auto to his Towing business, and eventually would acquire Madeira Frame and Body, and would add another Auto Repair location located on Blue Ash Road. Now the Theobalds could do the towing, auto repairs, collision repairs, Sunroofs, and Upholstery work. Greg's Daughter Debbie helped with  management of the business including the bookkeeping duties a true family business. Several years ago the family made the decision that it would be beneficial selling the family business to the Gerber Group, and apparently, with no regrets.​ This writer highly recommends Gerber Collision and Glass, mention the messenger when visiting Andrew.

​​Martial Arts in Madeira? 

September 17, 2017

​    ​ Sometimes we forget that a substantial number of Madeira businesses are not all located on Miami Avenue. Pro Martial Arts is one of those, located in Madeira at 8118 Montgomery Road, a few doors down from the First Watch Café. Pro Martial Arts is a family owned business overseen by family member Kara Forcellini . Kara has an official title of "Director of Education". Kara is assisted by Damien Hannah, program director and chief instructor. This business is a mature five years old, begun in the year 2013. 

​    Kara stresses that her business is about much more than just self defense, in fact she uses words like self esteem, self worth, and self confidence to explain the value of enrolling at Pro Martial Arts. Kara and Damiem want their students to be empowered in their every day lives and one special concern is the problem of standing up to bullying both in and out of school . October is anti bullying month, the problem according to Kara has become a national epidemic. 

​  Some other important words used in this interview describing the value of enrolling at Pro Martial Arts were character development, respect, good manners, self discipline, and self confidence. Kara has an enrollment beginning as young as three years old, teenagers and includes adults. And yes as the name implies students are taught to defend themselves but only as the last resort. Kara has provided two examples of why her program is so worthwhile.

​    A young female student was bullied at her school prior to enrollment at Pro Martial Arts where she learned to stand up for herself and was able to protect herself. The bullying soon stopped.

​  A second enrollee was also facing bullying, was picked on in school and lacked self confidence. The child was shy in addition to lacking self confidence. Kara was able to provide the child with the tools needed to learn self confidence, stand up for himself, and use his voice in the right way. The physical aspects of Martial Arts is not always the first lesson to be applied in many situations but self defense is taught and used when necessary. Please visit Kara's Website for more information  www.ProMartialArts.com/


​​​Bryan Souder..... Realtor, Developer, Retailer, World Traveler...

April 20, 2019

     This writer has known Bryan Souder for most if not all of his residency as a Madeira Businessman. Bryan is a preservationist, including the entire corner of Camargo and Miami Avenue, beginning with "Cheers to Art" and "Camargo Nails". Bryan did something that no one else would have done, he preserved the Building at 6912-6914 Miami Avenue. Originally the building was constructed and used as the Traction Car Line, producing electricity needed for running the Traction Car, making its way through Indian Hill and Milford finally turning around in Hillsboro. The Building was used as the station for boarding the Traction Car and provided electricity for our community. Later the Building was used by the Fire Department, and after that was used by a plumbing contractor. Today the building is used by Bryan, "French Country Road" and Nubuck Tweed Real Estate Companies. This writer had hoped for a picture of Bryan, but Bryan declined. Recently Bryan entered a contest showing off his beard, maybe that's the reason he declined the photo. Bryan can be found around noon most weekdays and Saturdays, at "French Country Roads" where he will welcome you with a fresh coffee and a tour of his unique gift store. Bryan makes numerous trips around the world looking for what he knows will be of interest to his many clients. Bryan is the only Madeira Business owner in our community awarded the prestigious "Florence V. Hoffmann" award. The award was presented to Bryan for the preservation of most of the entire corner included the Traction Car Building.  Bryan is an outstanding citizen of Madeira, enjoy the attached picture of the Traction Car Building and some of Bryans current store inventory.

​​​​​​​​​McCabe Do it Center

February 13, 2017

​ The McCabe Do it Center is an important part of our downtown business district. McCabe is located in a historic building, previously the home of the George Meyer Hardware and Lumber Company, and prior to that was the home of our Madeira Kroger store. When it became apparent that the George Meyer Company was planning to close, the McCabe Company  owners did not hesitate to acquire the building, seeing an opportunity to expand their number of Do it Center Stores in Greater Cincinnati from two stores to three. For our community the McCabe decision was very beneficial, because of the great service and huge inventory, consisting of many name brand products in addition to the various products sold as Do it Center products.

​ The McCabe Company began in the corner of a small family grocery store located in Symmes Township just north of Kemper and Montgomery Road selling select hardware products. As the hardware business outgrew the small grocery store, James Tepe, husband of  Jan McCabe Tepe, took over the reins of the McCabe company business. Eventually as the Tepe family grew, James was joined in the business by his five sons.

​  The McCabe company owners and managers are thankful for the ​​thousands of Madeira customers and are always mindful of that, when helping out in our community. The McCabe Do it Center is located at 7725 Laurel Avenue, telephone number  513-561- 7200.

See their Web Site at madeira@mccabedoitcenter.com.

​When visiting the store or calling, ask for Tom Knouff Assistant store manager or Karen Mallory, Store Manager. Tom and Karen are in the photo, top left of this column. Let Tom and Karen know that you were referred by the madeiramessenger. Thank You.

Well Deserved Award, Best Breakfast In Greater Cincinnati....

​July 30, 2017

​    ​   Our own Madeira " First Watch Café"  has just been awarded the "Best of Cincinnati 2017 as having the Best Breakfast in Greater Cincinnati". It may not be well known that the First Watch Café located at 8118 Montgomery is part of the Madeira business district. The award was just recently presented by "Cincy Magazine", a well respected Cincinnati publication, which by the way also recently proclaimed our city as the best place to reside in. The competition for this award was stiff and well deserved.


​      In researching possible reasons that this award was presented to our First Watch Café, I came up with the following, outstanding customer satisfaction reports, quality of the food, food presentation, growth in sales, menu selection, well maintained facilities, friendly, helpful employees, excellent management, and reasonable menu prices. Our First Watch Café is also an outstanding contributing business member of the community. First Watch Café, is part of a privately held corporation, with more than 330 restaurants in Ohio, Florida and Arizona. Let the employees know how much they are appreciated here in Madeira.

Photos,  Top Left, "the front end"  servers and management, including Terrry in brown shirt, responsible for 4  First Watch Café locations and our own Café manager in dark coat, Tim.

​               Bottom left, the staff responsible for making sure that we are satisfied with our meal.

​                                                                                        Click on photos to increase photo size.

​​​​Great Clips brings back Penny Jordan...

December 21, 2017

​     Many Madeira individuals and families will remember Penny, and will be glad to welcome her back to "Great Clips" here in our community. Great Clips is next door to Bruegger's Bakery and CVS Pharmacy, three doors from Starbucks. Penny appointed as the new manager, tells us that she has a great group of people working at Madeira Great Clips and is looking forward to seeing the many friends she has in Madeira.

Bruegger's Bakery, First Watch Café and Huwel Insurance Group Win Awards....

January 8, 2019

   Madeira Chamber of Commerce  spokesperson David Peterson has said " The Madeira Chamber of Commerce is proud to present awards to three members for there support in 2018. Bruegger's  and First Watch, Madeira Businesses, both received "Top Supporter" awards for their consistent support of our monthly events as well as the community as a whole. Both Businesses were willing to donate breakfast for multiple events throughout the year. We very much appreciate the on-going dedication to our Madeira Community".  The third award winning business was Huwel Insurance Group, "Member of the year".


   There are many examples of kind deeds that have been provided by Brugger's Bakery, helping Individuals, School Groups, and even other Madeira Competing Bussinesses. Recently when Coffee Please had a minor fire and had to close for a few days, Madeira Brueggers provided the Coffee Please employees with Coffee and Bagels, expecting nothing in return. When the Indian Hill State Champion Girls Soccer Team needed a place to meet every game day morning Brueggers stepped up providing special seating and tables for the girls. One of the 2018 "Meet a Cop" day events was help at Brueggers, and included a large community turnout. For the past two years our Brueggers Bakery has been managed by  GM, Maurice "MO" Marshall a Northern Ky. Resident. Mo, tells this writer that he enjoys fishing and looking after his seven year old son.

Late breaking news, Mo will be leaving Madeira Bruegger's', becoming the new GM of Einsteins Bagel Bakery in Downtown Cincinnati. His last day was today. He will be missed.

Douglas Oppenheimer / Madeira News


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